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In East African Community, Tax to GDPs Per Capita per Year is US$ 34 for Burundi, US$ 80.9 for Tanzania, US$ 67.8 for Uganda, US$ 205 for Kenya and US$ 68 for Rwanda.

Financing essential package of health services requires at least US$ 47 Per Capita per Year (WHO). Having Tax Based System will require increase public health expenditures to public GDP from 7.6% to 138% for Burundi, from 10.8 to 58% for Tanzania, from 16.2% to 69% for Uganda, from 8.5% to 22% for Kenya, from 15.8% to 69% for Rwanda. Informal sector is high in EAC (60-80% of economy). The situation is quite similar in almost all developing countries as the economies are essentially informal sector. It takes time to change the situation, even with the effort in easy registration of businesses. The developing countries economies are mainly rural and traditional based. Transforming traditional farms in businesses is very difficult. It is why having health sector essentially financed by public funds is not realistic and causes poor quality of services. In other hands requesting poor and low income to finance them is not realistic as well. The solidarity through establishment of mix public private insurances is much realistic.