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Beautiful Mirebalais Hospital in Haiti builds in partnership between Partners in Health and Government. The Mirebalais hospital in Haiti followed other two beautiful & clean hospitals , Partners in Health (PIH) developed in Rwanda (Rwinkwavu Hospital and Butaro. Hospital which has a specialized cancer center in Central and East Africa. Pr. Paul Farmer, the Founder of Partners in Health takes particularly attention to rural areas in providing same quality of health care as in urban areas (equity health care). The Mirebalais, Rwinkwanvu and Butaro have one particularity, nice garden and the art. I can say as well that the garden its self is art. This really contrary the general reality of hospitals, even in developed countries, commonly lacking human aspects (cleaness, garden, art, etc.). I wish future developers of hospitals and clinics will be inspired by Mirebalais, Rwinkwavu and Butaro hospitals, especially Pr. Paul Farmer inspiration.